Causes of Degenerative Arthritis and Their Prevention and Cures

Causes of Degenerative Arthritis and Their Prevention and Cures - Featured Image

The good news about degenerative arthritis is that outside of an extreme genetic circumstance, it can be avoided and even reversed. Common medical wisdom is that if you have arthritis, you are doomed. This could not be farther from the truth. The body heals.


Arthritis is due to a physical or chemical irritant in a joint or the system. If the cause of this irritation is avoided, removed, or corrected, your body has a chance to heal. There are endless stories of athletes and people who assumed their activity level was destined to be compromised only to see the effects of arthritis reversed through a change in lifestyle or help from a chiropractor. Then they went on to be champions.


Chiropractic care can be the key. Through a change in diet that supports a more alkaline system (includes a large amount of good fats and green vegetables and minimal amounts of flour, grains, caffeine, sugar, and pasteurized dairy products), increased hydration, spinal alignment, posture restoration, and muscular balancing, degenerative joint and muscle conditions can be overcome—they are not a permanent sentence.