Our Natural Body by God

Our Natural Body by God - Featured Image

For nothing is impossible with God. —Luke 1:37

One easy way to have your best eating year yet is the addition of God-made foods that belong in  your body rather then starting from a list of all the man-made foods you from which  you will deprive yourself.


Think about it. 7-11, Arby’s, Hot-Pockets, couches, computers, plasma T.V., the internet, Starbucks, and home delivery are certainly a far cry from walking with God in the cool of the day, naming animals, and plucking grapes in your backyard like Adam and Eve did.  So, the questions that spring to the forefront of our minds now are how did forefathers and foremothers:

  • Survive without Starbucks?
  • Know anything without Googling it?
  • Find their way to the nearest gas station without iPhone maps app?


It almost seems out of order, doesn’t it? With God being all-knowing like He is and because He loves us so much, you’d think that on the 6th day, He would’ve…

  • Created Apple – the tech company, not the fruit that derailed Adam and Even        

 The Internet, Pizza Hut, Wal-Mart, Dunkin’ Donuts, tanning beds, Lazy-Boy, and IKEA,

  • taken the seventh7th day off,
  • and then on the 8th day, created man.


From today’s standards, we certainly seem to have been born about two thousand years too early, right?

Or, perhaps, Fried Oreos, Sweet Tarts, Lipitor, Diet Coke, triple mocha lattes, and Captain Crunch weren’t part of the plan (I hope I’m not making anyone hungry!).

The good news is, no matter where you are with your nutrition today, research shows that what I call “The Addition Rule” can do two things:

  1. When people try to eliminate or add too many items at once they keep going backwards.  
  2. When you add only 1 good thing, you make incremental progress and eventually learn to eat, use, and prefer it. 

Pick a couple of foods by God to add this year and you almost guarantee you’ve finally got a resolution that will last.