Toxic Home Syndrome

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A friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 34 with a type that is normally found in men over 70. In assessing the causes of the cancer it became clear, he had been exposed to chemicals (Volatile Air Compounds – VOC’s) in 4 new homes he had been in over a 5 year period.  The chemical Benzene, in particular, is known to be the culprit for the cancer he suffered from.


   It’s not the polluted air in downtown Los Angeles, Beijing China, the Hudson, or outside the local factory that researchers are most concerned about. It’s the toxic air right inside your own home or office that science is finding is the leading cause of disease. New terms are being birthed around healthcare community such as; Toxic Home Syndrome, Sick Building Syndrome, and Sick House Syndrome to convey the inconvenient truth that where we live or work is increasing our risk for heart disease, cancer, auto-immune disorders, mental health challenges, and any endless number of other symptoms and diseases.*


   The Environmental Protection Agency has discovered that the environment indoors is now 2-5 times more toxic than the environment outdoors. In fact, there is as much as 100 times more indoor pollution as there is outdoor pollution. Our crisis with indoor air quality has culminated in 80% of all cancers finding their cause from toxins in the environment around us rather than from physical or genetic factors in us. 


   Air inside homes and office can contain 100s of harmful chemicals, biological poisons like mold spores, pollen, bacteria, and viruses, as well as radon, and carbon monoxide gasses. While our bodies are able to manage some level of toxicity, the sheer volume of poisons around us are too much, the toxic burden is too great, and most of these man-made chemicals cannot actually be metabolized or eliminated by the body.


Scientists now warn us that our daily activities, cooking, cleaning, eating, washing clothes and dishes, personal hygiene, and enjoying the cool or warmth of your home is increasing your families risk for serious disease as well as the many side-effects of toxicity such as colds, coughs, rashes, headaches, anxiety, sleeplessness, memory loss, problems related to the cardiovascular and immune systems, pain, asthma, allergies, and infection. 



-Increase the ability of your body to detoxify. Chiropractic care – our organs of detoxification such as your kidneys and liver are under total control of the nervous system. Corrective care therefore is highly valuable when it comes to keeping detoxification channels opening. Additionally, exercise with sweating, a heavily plant based diet, good fats, low carbs and sugar, and optimizing nutrient levels give you the power to propel and expel toxins from and/or out of your body.
-The non-toxic version of food, cleaners, building materials, hygiene products, etc. are worth it and far more effective and less expensive than medical intervention in the prevention of cancer. 


*Healthy building codes are in place for the building itself, but do not actually take the health of the individual human into account.