Why You Can’t Lose Weight

Why You Can’t Lose Weight - Featured Image

The answer to the question, “WHY I CAN’T LOSE WEIGHT,” has more to do with your individual body chemistry than what particular diet works best.  In fact, there isn’t one diet perfect for every ..BODY.  Our individual heritage and genetic make up predispose us to what foods are best for our body’s needs.


There are 3 things that need to be changed in everyone’s diet regardless of your heritage of genetic composition in order to address weight loss.  These 3 essential changes are:


1) The type of fats you are eating  

2) The types of carbs you are eating  

3) Drastically reducing toxins


These three changes transcend all cultures as they address the issue of weight loss resistance and in particular a hormone called “Leptin.”  Hormone levels that are influenced by diet can kill your chances of success if not managed appropriately.  The one most noteworthy for weight loss is leptin.  Leptin is a hormone that tells your brain when to stop eating, when to burn fat, and regulates the function of other hormones. 


If leptin is out of balance, despite your best efforts, you many never lose the weight you hate.  Your brain will not get the message to burn fat for energy and instead you will continue to be a sugar burner.  What this means to you is that you will not use your fat stores for energy (burn fat), you will have crave for sugar, and the excess sugar is stored as fat.   This whole downward flowing cycle is part of what is called “Weight loss resistant.”


In our clinic we solve this with a way of diet called, “Hormonally based eating.”  It is a diet based on hormones, but not a diet of deprivation.  We have many classes, challenges, and treatments designed to scientifically and effectively re-balance your hormones (whether you’re a man or woman) and get you healthy and at your ideal weight.  Even if nothing’s ever worked for you before.  Don’t miss our our Dinner with the Doc, January 24. We will discuss weight loss answers for 2017 and dinner is on us!