Meet Our Doctors

Orlando Chiropractor Dr Erik lener

Dr. Erik Lerner, D.C

Doctor of Chiropractic


Since 1993, Dr. Erik has made over half a million adjustments to his patients in Central Florida. As a Maximized Living leader, Dr. Erik trains and coaches chiropractors around the country.

Chiropractor Dr Ben Lerner

Dr Ben Lerner

Doctor Of Chiropractic


Dr Ben Lerner is the a New York Times bestselling author of over a dozen books and curriculum including; Body by God, Maximized Metabolix, The Cancer Killers, and One-Minute Wellness, with Dr. Greg Loman.

Early in his life, Dr. Lerner suffered from debilitating joint pain and developed a bleeding ulcer as a side effect of prescription anti-inflammatories. The fact that he could no longer take the medications led him to a chiropractor and nutritionist who changed his life.

In 1995, he was named the first official chiropractor for the USA Wrestling World Team, and he traveled with USAW to the Atlanta and Sydney Olympic Games, as well as eight world championships, eventually working as a doctor for professional teams like the Orlando Magic.

He now co-chairs the Sports Performance Council, which has provided performance care and education to many professional and world teams and athletes.

Dr. Lerner lives in Florida with his wife Dr. Sherri Lerner, and their three children, Skylar, Nicole, and Cael.