Feeling Lousy and Getting Frustrated?

Feeling Lousy and Getting Frustrated? - Featured Image

On a fairly regular basis, I find myself having a conversation with someone who is struggling with multiple health issues. Typically, they have already tried many remedies, but they just can’t seem to fix the problem.  Frustration has long since set in and they are mentally and emotionally spent. 


In addition to the emotional support and encouragement that I offer to my patients, I provide them with a holistic understanding of health and tackling their struggles.


First, it is important to understand that every disease and illness has a cause. The symptom is NOT the problem, it is the reaction. This is also true for test results that might be abnormal (ex: blood pressure or cholesterol levels).


This is why taking medications will rarely, if ever, improve a person’s overall health. An example of this can be seen when looking at the research on cholesterol lowering medications. There is actually no evidence that lowering cholesterol extends life expectancy. The reason goes back to the idea that the symptom, in this case high cholesterol, is not the problem, but the result of a problem.


What I try to help people focus on is the fact that the healthier and stronger anyone’s body is, the better chance they have of feeling better. It is never a bad idea to take better care of your body. 


Every Chiropractic adjustment, every healthy meal, every workout, has a positive effect on your wellbeing and overall health. For the person who feels frustrated over their struggles, the mindset I want them to have is to be focused on doing everything they can do to improve their lifestyle and strengthen their bodies. If you are focused on keeping a healthy mindset, getting proper sleep, and avoiding toxins; you are doing everything you can. Make improvements in these areas and trying to find some peace of mind in knowing you are putting yourself in the best position possible for your health and healing process. From there, it is truly in God’s hands.


Almost every health problem we suffer from has come as a result of mistakes we make when taking care of ourselves. Some mistakes are in spite of what we know and some, because of what we don’t know. 


Taking better care of our bodies is really the only way to truly address the CAUSE(s) of our health struggles.