Holiday Stress Is Not Desserts Spelled Backwards – Learn How To Manage!

Holiday Stress Is Not Desserts Spelled Backwards – Learn How To Manage! - Featured Image
There is no such thing as “poverty management” or “disease management.” If you are broke or diseased, that is hard or downright impossible to manage. There is, however, such a thing as financial management or health management. By appropriately managing your finances and your health, you work to avoid the pain of poverty and disease.
It is the same with stress. You do not manage your stress, you manage your peace. Peace is the normal, natural state God created. Not stress. If your life activities, your outlook, and your relationships are causing fear, depression, and anxiety to rage out of control, the bottom line is, that is stressful. It is very difficult to manage stress. God created you to manage peace.


Peace is not something you find when your latest crisis is over. What usually follows stress, of course, is the next stress. Peace is not discovered, it is created.


You don’t make less stress, you create more peace. Creating peace does not begin by changing everyone and all the situations that surround you. Changing locations, jobs, or spouses is typically not the answer. While the grass always seems greener (more peaceful) in someone else’s yard, occupation, or relationship, once you get over there, over there becomes over here again.


As the adage says, “Wherever you go, there you are.“ Start with yourself. If you want to see your environment and the people around you change, the best way for that to happen is for you to change first.


It is easy to blame circumstance for your stress. The problem with that philosophy is, when you blame things outside yourself for your troubles, this creates a self-defeating outlook on life. You believe that nothing can be done to overcome. You also put the power of your life outside you when it is truly inside you.


The real roots of your stress come from within. It is the way you look at and administrate your life that causes most of your pain and aggravation.  That is O.K.  It is actually great news! The easiest thing in the world to change is you. People can be tough to change, and family, jobs, and situations may even be impossible to change. But you can change right here, right now. Working on you is wealth and health management, not poverty and disease management.


It is peace management, not stress management.


To build or create peace, it is important to learn the key triggers to your stress, learn how to avoid them, and create what we call your “Weekly war plan” so that you and your family can win the battle of health, wealth, and happiness.