Migraines, Fatigue and Neck Pain Post Surgery: A Case Study

Migraines, Fatigue and Neck Pain Post Surgery: A Case Study - Featured Image

A research study was published on May 18, 2017, in the Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research, that documented the evaluation, care and follow up of a woman with severe migraine headaches, extreme fatigue and neck pain following surgery to fuse two bones her neck. 


The purpose of the study was to consider the effectiveness of chiropractic care in situations where a patient has already had surgery. 


The patient had x-rays done at the beginning and end of the care in the research study period. The care lasted a total of 3 months for this study.   In addition to looking for any changes to the spine condition on x-ray, the patient’s symptoms were carefully monitored throughout the study.


The research notes show that at the conclusion of the study the woman saw improvements with her energy levels, pain and migraine headaches. Furthermore, there was a significant improvement to the condition in the spine that had caused the symptoms and the supposed need for the original surgery. This was demonstrated on the post x-ray.




Surgery is something that, at times, may be needed.  It should always be looked at as a last approach. Conservative care, such as chiropractic, is much safer and should always be given consideration before surgery.


Many people who have had surgeries that have not been effective or only temporarily effective, think that they can’t be helped by chiropractic care. They have either just assumed that it would not work, tried to be safe because of what they have already had done to them during surgery, or, they might have been told that it would not work.


The truth is that a competent and thorough chiropractor can still have a great benefit to patients who have had previous surgeries (this has been proven).  As documented in the study above, we have seen many people over the years that have had surgical procedures ranging from discectomies, to fusions that have done really well with chiropractic care.


Next time you speak to someone who is suffering and thinks that they can’t go to a chiropractor because of a surgery that they have had, let them know the truth. There could be hope.