The Research Is In: The Safest Healthcare is Chiropractic Care

The Research Is In:  The Safest Healthcare is Chiropractic Care - Featured Image

About two-thirds of Americans will experience significant lower back pain at some point in their lives.  Over 72 million people are diagnosed with some sort of chronic pain issue every year.  

Historically, issues like these have been managed with medication, but results have been hit or miss.  You have probably read about issues related to pain medication in the news. Opioids are at the top of the list.   

The Journal of the American Medical Association recently released a study showing that Chiropractic care was more effective than medical interventions. In February of this year, the Annals of Internal Medicine released a statement that mirrored the American Medical Associations study and stance.

For as long as the Chiropractic profession has been around, there have been doubts about its efficacy and safety.  However, there has never been research published to show any causative nature between chiropractic and any real health threats.
Both studies conducted by the American Medical Association and Internal Medicine, showed no serious adverse events related to Chiropractic practices.  They mention “anecdotes” of harm, but no real evidence. 
Recently, a medical doctor wrote an article for the New York Times that stating, “It may be time to rethink our biases about Chiropractors”.  It was refreshing for me, as a chiropractor, to see the medical profession finally acknowledge what our profession has known for over 120 years.