What Time Of Day Should I Workout

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It’s a new year.  January calls many back to a workout routine for the first time in months.  On average only 1 in 3 Americans exercise regularly, but this month that number annually increases (1).   So to help you this year, remember this:  WHEN you exercise may have as much to do with your results and reaching your goals as much as anything else.


There are two huge benefits of exercising first thing in the morning: 

  1. It gets done! Obstacles get in the way as the day goes on, and many put off exercise for other responsibilities.
  2. The benefits of exercising before your first meal of the day are numerous.


According to a recent study published in the Journal of Physiology, working out on an empty stomach puts your body at a huge advantage. The report concluded that participants who exercised in a fasting state, or with no food, helped them burn fat and become more resistant to weight gain.  Other participants of the study did not see the same results.  In fact, those who ate a carbohydrate rich breakfast and exercised later actually gained weight instead of becoming weight loss resistant (2).

Along with exercising first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, the right type of exercise is just as important.  Start exercising smarter, not longer.  Not only is it the right type of exercise to lose weight, it also takes literally minutes to do.   We do a “Workout with the Doc” every week in our office that is designed to work for every – body and will be covering these principles and more at our Weight Loss Dinner on


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