Weight Loss Resistance Due To Hormones And Toxicity

Weight Loss Resistance Due To Hormones And Toxicity - Featured Image

In order for your body to lose weight, the hormones insulin and leptin must be doing their work.  Insulin is in place to control sugar and fat storage levels in the body and leptin’s job is the burning of fat.  If these hormones are working against you instead of for you, you won’t be able to lose weight.  In fact, you’ll naturally keep piling it on.    


There are two reasons these hormones begin to fail in your body.  1) The over-consumption of sugar and processed grains and 2) Toxicity


1.    Even if you started on a low carb diet now, a past concentration of sugars and grains in your diet may have made you resistant to insulin.  As a result, your body is not processing carbs effectively – and the excess sugars the carbs create are being stored as fat. 

2.   When toxins enter your body, as they are fat soluble, they have an affinity for attaching themselves to fat cells.  When the toxins attach to the outer cell membrane, which is made of fat, it can cause the cells to continually release Leptin.  When Leptin is elevated too often, just like insulin resistance, the receptors burn out and the message is not heard.  The result: you struggle to burn fat.


Put these two problems together and you are storing more fat and burning less of it.  This condition is commonly called being “weight loss resistant.”  Until hormone issues like insulin and Leptin are addressed, you can find yourself not only struggling with your weight, but on a downward spiral of medications, physical and mental symptoms, and energy issues. 


This month, we have several events designed to teach you how to customize a diet based on your hormones and begin to reverse the spiral. The good news is that the proper eating and exercise plan for overcoming weight loss resistance can be done without intense deprivation or hours a week of exercise.  We’ll show you how to not only have better health along with a body you are happier with, but also make your life easier and not harder to live than it is right now.