The Year There Almost Wasn’t Christmas

The Year There Almost Wasn’t Christmas - Featured Image

 T’was the night before Christmas,

but Santa could not be found.

There were no jingle bells or reindeer sound.

There were to be no toys, for Santa was sick,

There would be no holiday blessings from the once jolly St. Nick.


    The children were saddened and no laughter sounded,

Christmas was here but, Santa was grounded.

The elves feared the fate of very ball, glove, and tennis racket,

So in one last desperate attempt, they chose to try Chiropractic.


    Santa’s head was pounding, his lungs were clogged up, and his spirit was busted,

But since all drugs had failed they talked him into getting adjusted.

Santa entered the Lerner Chiropractic office with a smile and a nod,

There was no mistaking this place was of God.

The children were playing and as far as he could tell,

Everyone left there smiling and well.


    In no time at all, just a few tics of the clock,

He was in the exam room talking to Doc.

    “It must be my age, the stress, and all of the travel,

I’m just feeling my health starting to unravel.

It used to be so easy just carrying dolls, trains, and golf-tees,

Now it’s flat-screens, XBoxes, and Wiis.

    If you looked in my sleigh at the size of my pack,

I’m sure you would tell me it ruins my back.”


   The loving Chiropractor took Santa and X-rayed his spine,

And found he had no curve in his neck and several bones out of line.

    Santa committed to being adjusted for the duration,

The moment he learned he had life threatening Subluxation.


He got on the table and then with a click,

The Doc started adjusting the ailing St. Nick.

    When Santa was finished he felt like his ailments were gone,

The Chiropractor told him that his “Power was on!”


   Once again Santa flowed with love and good cheer,

Now that his spine and nervous system were clear.

    He shouldered his bag and jumped into his sleigh,

Thinking it had been centuries since he’d felt this way.

Then he shouted, “I’ll bring in Mrs. Kringle and the elves in to be examined

before the first of the year,